FEB : 2014 Horse Year - Feng Shui Chinese Astrology Private Fortune Telling

by Littlesquare (HK)

FEB : 2014 Horse Year

Feng Shui Chinese Astrology Private Fortune Telling by HK Famous Feng Shui Master, Chow Hon Ming and Thierry Chow

Date: 10th - 28th Feb, 2014

Time: 12PM - 7PM 

By: Thierry Chow & Master Chow (Chow Hon Ming周漢明師傅 )

First 15 minutes: Covers your personal 2014 Fortune ( Can cover areas such as Finance, Wealth, Career, Health, Relationship and Travel), Covers your personal lucky numbers, lucky colors etc.

Last 15 minutes: Q&A (Any remaining questions you may have about your fortune in 2014

Package A/ Single Package:

- 30 Minutes Consultation Time per head

- Receive One 2014 Fortune Telling Sheet

- Receive a specific Lucky Charm for your Horse Year

Price: $1000 per person

Package B/ Couple Package:

30 Minutes Consultation Time per head

- Receive 2014 Fortune Telling Sheet for each person

- Receive a specific Lucky Charm for each person

- Receive EXTRA FACE reading (Face reading can be used to sum up a person’s energies, to get a health read-out, to assess character, to help gain self knowledge and to plan for good health.) 


Price: $1000 per person (welcome friends or partner)


*Booking One Week In Advance*

Ms. Samantha Wong 6343 9903

Ms. Thierry Chow 9080 9649

Email to thierrychow@gmail.com OR info@littlesquarehk.com

A) Your Birthday & Birth Place. (Strictly Confidential)

            Year, Month, Day & Time - Accurate birth time provides more accuracies in                the calculations

 B) Your questions for 2014. ( Max 8 )

            Is 2014 the best time for me to find a new job?

            Is 2014 a year to find my Mr. Right or Mrs. Right?

            What is my lucky color? And what color should I wear more in 2014?

            I’m looking to travel more in 2014, which places are the best?

            Will I get some new opportunities for work in 2014?

            What to watch out for in 2014 health wise?

            Will I have great luck in finance/money area this year?

C) Let us know what you want the most for 2014!

            Pick one and receive a lucky charm.

            Better luck with relationship

            Better luck with work

            Better health

            Better finanically

            Better relationship with friends/people

            Better luck overall

* Note that this practice is best for guidance, general directions, and not to be taken too seriously.*